Community Health

Harlem residents experience health complications at higher rates when compared with other New York City districts. Pierre is dedicated to minimizing these disparities. Because he is devoted to optimizing the overall health of our community, Pierre actively works with health experts to identify concerns that urgently impact Harlem residents. Our team’s three community health priority areas include: 1) maternal/child health, 2) substance abuse, and 3) healthy lifestyles.

1) Harlem experiences some of the highest rates of preterm birth, teen pregnancy, and infant mortality in New York. Pierre is a strong advocate for promoting women’s health and supports legislative efforts that advocate the right to choose, breastfeeding, and decreasing rates of prematurity and infant mortality.

2) Our community suffers from higher rates of alcohol and drug-related hospitalizations when compared with other New York City districts. Pierre supports programs in accordance with the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s recommendation to prevent drug addiction in adolescence. Additionally, he supports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s recommendation to expand medication-assisted treatment to those with opioid-use dependency.

3) Harlem residents are at higher risk for obesity, smoking, and physical inactivity when compared with other New York City Districts. Pierre believes that physical activity and healthy living initiatives are vital investments. In accordance with the World Health Organization, he will provide leadership and an enabling environment for developing and implementing policies that promote active living for all residents.