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  • Learn About the GFH Campaign w/Chief of Staff Zoe Reich

    Join Chief of Staff and the Gooding for Harlem team as Zoe Reich leads a call dedicated to informing voters about policy and strategy heading into 2020 and 2021 election season.  You do not want to miss this dynamic discussion!  We are inviting all Harlemites, NYC voters and interested citizens and non-citizens to join.

    October 29, 2020 at 6pm
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  • published Halloween for the kids in Harlem First Events 2020-10-21 16:36:34 -0400

    Halloween for the kids

    Enjoy this free event with your children on October 30, 2020! #harlemfirst

    October 30, 2020 at 4pm
    Harlem Meer at 110th & 5th
    Central Park East Dr
    New York, NY 10028
    United States
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  • GFH Election Day Refreshments

    Join the Gooding for Harlem team for refreshments at the following locations on Election Day!

    - 112th and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

    - 134th and Adam Clayton Powell


    November 03, 2020 at 9am
    Look for the Gooding for Harlem Tables
    2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd
    New York, NY 10026
    United States
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  • published Why I'm Running in Home 2017-09-27 11:12:20 -0400

    Why I'm Running

    My mother’s family had lived in Harlem all of their lives. But when I was born, my mother was forced to acknowledge the injustice that was New York City public schools. She knew that she could not take a chance with her son’s education. She used every dollar that she had to move out to a neighborhood with a great public school system. I have since returned to my home, Harlem, and found that some things have not changed. I know we can do better.

    Andrea_160928_5833-good-315.jpgI am exploring a run for City Council in Harlem because our community should not be forced to make the decision my mother made so long ago: to stay and accept over-priced housing, under-funded schools and minimal job opportunities; or to move elsewhere. I know that we have a chance to create many jobs by working with small businesses to ensure they hire our neighbors and life-long residents, just as I have advocated throughout my career as a teacher and lawyer.

    For me, this fight is personal. Every Harlemite deserves the opportunity to receive a great education, a great job and affordable housing right here. To make that happen, Harlem needs elected officials that reflect the values of our community. As an advocate for our neighborhoods, I was honored to represent our residents in the 2017 City Council election. That is why I went to court to end a rent scam operated by a State Senate candidate running in our district. And that’s why I’m considering running today.

    I hope to serve on your City Council to help Harlem get the resources it needs and the leadership it deserves. Please show your support by learning more about and donating to the campaign as I consider running in 2021!

  • published Issues 2017-02-13 12:35:37 -0500


    We will not accept a 12% effective unemployment rate (Harlem’s numbers prior to COVID-19), which we understand was already much higher in reality and has persisted for decades. We have created a plan with the local business community to incentivize hiring, as it must be our community members that benefit from neighborhood economic activity. We are committed to substantially decreasing the unemployment rate in Harlem in the face of all challenges.

    With the devastation coming from the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment in NYC is currently at 18%, double the current national average.  A rent moratorium by itself will not stop this current crisis, which is about to get much worse without strong leadership. Local government must take direct responsibility for its constituents, start directly creating jobs and supporting the local businesses that employ our residents, and stop wasting tax payer dollars with projects that do not positively impact them like the EB-5 investor visa program debacle which took money out of Harlem to pay for the Hudson Yards Project.  

    Pierre has also found that many individuals and businesses in Harlem were unable to receive their unemployment checks even though they met the criteria, and has worked to undo this injustice by suing the NY Department of Labor when necessary.  We believe that it is this type of immediate action that will undo the massive structural injustices currently inflicted upon our community daily. 

    We will bring quality to schools in Harlem. The school I would have gone to had my mother stayed in Harlem is ranked 1984th on schooldigger. The classroom that I taught in did not even have an air conditioner. We can and will do better. As an educator, I believe in goal-driven planning, data-driven instruction, instilling confidence in our students that they can do the work, and pairing that with career opportunities in the future. We know what works for our children, but we have to do the hard work to make sure that they succeed.  I am proud to have worked early on during the pandemic to ensure that all children in New York City have Remote Learning Devices for at home instruction, a story you can read about in various articles.

    We have a crisis around Harlem residents not being able to afford their housing. Harlem has seen one of the sharpest increases in rental and housing prices of any district in New York City. Although Harlem has always had an iconic history, it recently has become a hot spot to live, creating less housing supply in the market. Any initiative that creates new “affordable” housing for our residents must ensure that program income thresholds are commensurate with the median income of $34,365 in Harlem so that our community members have reasonable access to this improved housing supply. We also believe that lowering the unemployment rate will help ensure Harlemites can afford these increases in rent.

    Defund NYPD
    We are for the responsible reallocation of New York City tax payer dollars to fund essential services, alternative responders, de-escalation training, schools, and social/educational programs.  Pierre implored the Mayor and City Council to be fiscally responsible and create a rainy day fund when the City had a budget surplus of $5 Billion Dollars.  Now that the City is running at a $9 Billion dollar deficit all entities will see cuts.  We must be smart with how every dollar in our budget is spent moving forward.  We will also continue to build partnerships with our woman and men in blue so that our community benefits from police protection and does not devolve into chaos as been reported firsthand by residents in Brooklyn.  This type of partnership between Pierre and the NYPD helped ensure Jon Girodes received jail time for scamming Harlemites while on the ballot from Reikers.  

    There is also a parallel need that is less talked about to change NY Penal code 35.30 from a subjective standard (if an officer is in fear he or she can use deadly force) to an objective standard (If a reasonable person is in fear he or she can use deadly force) which is still in effect in New York.  Gooding can and will get both of these initiatives done.  

    Harlem Hall of Heaven
    To honor all those that been lost due to senseless violence, whether during a police altercation or other unfortunate incident, we will create a museum dedicated to celebrating the lives of these individuals and exploring the root causes of these tragedies.  Many politicians talk about development along 125th St. but the projects that are being completed currently have very little to do with the history and culture that make Harlem historic and iconic.  It is time to change that and put Harlem first.

    Pierre is honored to serve as legal council for over 800 Ghanaians who were recently marooned in Ghana due to COVID-19 with no recourse from the United States Government.  By working with international entities, partners and the Ghanaian Government, along with taking political and legal action in the US, Gooding was able to successfully ensure that these US Citizens made it back safely to America.  Gooding believes that this was only one of many examples of failed leadership at a national and local level in 2020 and that change is needed to ensure Harlem First is a reality.

    LBGTQ Community
    We are unabashedly in support of the LGBTQ community. We spoke at length about the ways that we can help all communities during our Equality Coalition debate on January 11th. I have listened to individuals in our community who have been affected by recent hate crimes and all agree that a combination of changing hearts and minds with effective policy (such as placing NYPD in areas where hate crimes are on the rise) is the strongest way to move forward. With these sorts of partnerships, we will create new possibilities for ALL members of Harlem's vibrant community.

    Where New York is Headed
    We are working with various community health organizations to address areas of concern, including maternity health, breastfeeding initiatives, and substance abuse treatment and prevention. Our Community Health Advisor has reached out to over 30 organizations, and we believe it is this type of broad, open communication that is the first step in achieving true community health.

    We are in full support of New York State policies regarding:
    -Having one of the toughest gun laws in the country
    -Supporting a woman's right to choose
    -Supporting Governor Cuomo's NY's first ever Clean Energy Standard
    -NYC as a sanctuary city
    -Right to know / Consent to search policies and procedures